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Bridal Hair

Professional and personalized hair styling for brides on their wedding day, creating a beautiful and cohesive look that complements their dress, theme and aesthetic.




Bridal Makeup

My Bridal Makeup service uses high quality products and personalized techniques to create a beautiful and confident look that enhances the bride's natural beauty on her wedding day.




Bridal Party Hair

My Bridal Party Hair service provides personalized and professional hairstyling for the entire bridal party, ensuring everyone looks and feels their best on the big day.




Bridal Party Makeup

My Bridal Party makeup service offers personalized and professional makeup for the entire bridal party, ensuring a cohesive and beautiful look that enhances natural beauty and boost confidence on the wedding day.



Extensions Add-on

My Extension Add-On service adds volume length, or texture to brides hair using high quality clip-in or semi permanent extensions, ensuring a beautiful and cohesive hairstyle on the wedding day.




My Lashes services enhances the eyes and completes the bridal look using professional lash extensions or strip lashes, customized to the bride's natural features and desired style.



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